Friday, 8 July 2011

Warehouse 13 - Season 3 Premiere

Are you ready for another season of Warehouse 13?
Filled with even more crazy artifacts and new cases?
Also The New Guy Steve Jinks, hopefully replacing Myka for now....

I am! and I found some trailers, promos, and sneak peeks to Season 3 I would love to share.
This show is amazing and if none of you guys has never seen it before, you should really give it try!
You won't regret it!

Remember Season 3 Premiere is on Monday July 11th 9/8C on Syfy


Anyone stoked for Entourage?
Its the final season, with 8 brand new episodes!!! 
Whats gonna happen to Vincent Chase, Johnny Drama, Turtle, Ari Gold, and Eric Murphy?

I found a trailer for the new season on Youtube and I would like to share with you guys:

The 8th Season Premiere will be on July 24th 2011 on HBO, remember to tune in!!!

until next time, PEACE

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Canada Day

I actually had a great Canada Day this year!
The first thing I did was head to downtown and did some shopping.
It was a kinda day where I did a ton of walking.... We headed down to Canada Place around 3pm. There were a ton of people. First stop we saw a magic show, it was amazing! I always wanted to know how the magic works and I guess I will never find out, unless I sleep with the magician or learn my own MAGIC.

After the magic tricks, we walked around the area and saw some navy stuff, food stands (mmmm authentic poutine that I did not get). Which I totally regret. I want some quality poutine, or any poutine right now. Nom Nom Poutine, if this was twitter there would be a poutine bot retweeting me.

You know what I realize in events like these, theres always a few tables that offer free things and theres a always a huge lineup waiting for these free things. EVERYONE LOVES FREE STUFF CEPT ME ON A SUNNY HOT DAY. While everyone was lining up for their free MOTT's or free pictures at the photo booth. I was enjoying some live music and my favorite local band played!

Things I did that was caught on camera:
Took pictures of the cauldron (It was lit for Canada Day)
Cauldron all lit up for the city to see.

Took pictures of my little brother Kevin
Kevin and The Cauldron

Some Landscape Shots

And Finally some Louder Than Love pics!!

My pictures are alright but if you see them live its even better.

My favorite local band performed! ( Louder Than Love)
It was my first time seeing them perform live and guess what they were amazing. Not being bias or anything Even my brother agreed and hes a pretty big deal. (Haha not really) But seriously hear them play live, your mind will be blown away. I even got some clips of them play live, but my camera is horrible so sound quality is bad. Therefore no videos will be up, so seeing them play live is your best bets. I will link down below their future concert dates, twitter, facebook, and band page and you can check them out!

Well thats the end of my blog. Im still a newbie blogger and learning and my grammar is still pretty much crap, bear with me. PLEASE

Follow my little brother, Kevin on Twitter
Follow Louder Than Love on Twitter
Visit LTL's band page
Louder Than Love FB Page
LTL's official Summer Tour Dates
Get LTL's CD and Clothing Here

Remember Louder Than Love is nominated for an Urban Culture Conference Award! Under Music and Rock band. Please Vote for them, its super easy! Vote for Louder Than Love here  Polling Close on August 1st 2011.

If you guys are reading this, Congrats on winning Fox Seeds! 

Until Next Time, PEACE