Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan Kesler!

Today is August 31st 2011 and I would like to wish one of my favorite Canuck; Ryan Kesler a Happy Birthday!

By the way he's turning 27, you know what they say the older you get the wiser you are.
Have a nice day, and heal soon!
Canucks Hockey is approaching and you're gonna be better than last year!
Let's bring the Stanley Cup home and Win it for Luc, Rypien, The team, yourself, and us Fans!

Mission Failed

I would like to say, I failed my mission of leaving twitter/Facebook for 4 days. I only lasted a day. I don't think I can live without twitter. I miss tweeeting about my fave shows Warehouse 13, Rizzoli and Isles, and The Lying Game today.

The next Hiatus will be when all you comment on my post and bet with me or someone offering me $$ to do it. Because I can't do it!

Twitter I'm using you again ;)
I'm back, whether you like it or not!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Hiatus On.

August 29 2011: Day 1
I woke up pretty late, so pretty much half of the day was gone. I actually couldn't help myself but go on Facebook.. I didn't tweet or look at people's timeline! That's pretty much a success for twitter! Still got to work on Facebook. As of right now I feel kind of lost without twitter.. (no lifer right here)
3 days to go.

Guess What?

Ive decided to go on a 4 day twitter/facebook hiatus! Mainly because I want to see how I respond to it, seeing as I'm pretty much a twitter addict. All I do is tweet tweet no matter what. I really hope I don't cheat or anything. My twitter/facebook hiatus means no tweeting or updating facebook statues, and no reading peoples timeline at all. So, the next four days I won't know anything going on in the world, and people won't know anything going with me. (Not that people care or anything)

This is totally a challenge for me, even when I was on vacation I tried to find wifi to tweet my adventures! And now I'm on hiatus during the US Open, this is going to be super hard. No tweeting about Djokovic or Isner and how they are advancing to the second round ahhhhh....

I won't be able to tweet about big brother and how Shelly is being bitch or Vienna from the Bachelor doing the same thing. No Retweets of Biznasty's funny tweets. I won't be able to find out about those funny Bieber trending topics.

Why 4 days?
Because when I'm done it will be Friday and I'll be able to do #FF's.. I always do them except for this one time. I have to #FF my fave @AspiringMedia or my other fave @LTLband.

I think I can do it.. I mean its only twitter.. I still have tumblr, youtube, and blogspot.. Easy peasy its only four days... pft Ill prove people wrong and most importantly prove myself wrong.

I won't even go on twitter or facebook if it was the biggest emergency ever. So if you need to find me comment on my post..

I'll even try to keep a diary going on for four days and post it up after my hiatus is done..
It really feels like I'm going to rehab...



Monday, 15 August 2011

Hello, Im back again.

I know Ive been neglecting my blog so i will definitely stop doing that, hence this blog post.
I would like to say thanks for the person who decided to follow me. Yay I have one follower! It made me super duper happy.

If I ever have extra tickets or good prizes I would give them out :) to my dedicated followers!

So, I'm going to Las Vegas this afternoon for 4 days and ill try to do this prize thing if i can. I would definitely blog my trip and take lots of photos!!! update: (oops I never did it my bad)

Maybe some foodie pics too!

The last thing I would like to say is, thanks for reading my novice blog, I would try to blog more and better and #IsItOctoberYet?

PS. I miss Canucks Hockey so much!