Saturday, 23 April 2011

Whitecaps FC

I admit it, I've only been a full supporter of the Whitecaps FC this year when their countdown videos and advertisement were everywhere. I always wanted to go to a game even when they were playing at Swangard Stadium and they weren't part of the MLS yet. I finally got to go this year and I was super stoked about it! So far I've been to 3 and every game gets better and better.

This was Opening Day WhitecapsFC vs Toronto FC pregame warm up.

Ceremony, Steve Nash and Christy Clark was there.
 We ended up winning 4-2 over Toronto FC... History has been made. The next game I went to was against Sporting Kansas City. That was one of the most exciting games I've ever been too. We were down 3-0 at one point and tied the game in extra time. There's one thing I got to say, real fans stay till the end of the game and watch everything even if your team is winning or losing.
Our Mascot Spike the blue jay
Whitecaps FC vs Sporting KC pregame warm ups
And finally I went to the Whitecaps FC vs Chivas USA game last week. The final score was nil-nil. Each team had their chances but nothing would go in. It was my first time sitting near The Southsiders and let me tell you they are loud and proud. The whole game we watched the game standing up. It was actually a better view standing up. This game was my little brother's favorite game particularly because he got to meet Terry Dunfield  and Ashleigh McIvor (2010 Ski Cross Gold Medalist). We also got to touch the gold medal with our bare hands and yes it is indeed really heavy.

Section 214 Whitecaps FC vs Chivas USA

Terry Dunfield signing autographs for fans.
Terry Dunfield autographs.
Ashleigh McIvor signed poster.
I really recommend going to a game.. Its affordable cheapest tickets are $20 with Ticketmaster charges around $28. Like the dudes sitting behind me a couple games back "Going to 3 Whitecaps FC game = 1 upper bowl Canucks Game" The atmosphere is amazing and Vancouver seem to be always sunny when the Whitecaps FC play.

More Ticket Info here[=CAMEFROM=]&brand=tm&tm_link=tm_homeA_rc_image2 

Next up: Whitecaps FC vs FC Dallas Today @ Empire Field 4pm
Be sure to tune in on Sportsnet.

We never lost at home and I'm pulling for a  1-nil win!

Go Whitecaps Go!


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