Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Louder Than Love

I've only found out about them 6 months ago, when they started to follow me on twitter. My first reaction " WOW a band is following me" I'm so following back. After that I went on their main page and listen to their music.

2 months ago I decided to buy both of their Cd's, "Coming Around' & "Dark Days"
Front Cover of the CD "Coming Around"
Front Cover of "Dark Days"
*Sorry for the bad quality pictures.. took them on my phone.

Yes, I actually bought some Cd's! I haven't done that since buying a Faber Drive CD back in 2008. I know I can always get their songs on amazon or Itunes, But I wanted a hard copy! Also I want to support the guys!  But seriously their music is amazing and if you are reading this give them a try. It won't hurt to try something new!

By the way, they have a new single out called "Longer Road". Its a great song and one of my new favorites! Its free to download, but if you want to pay just type however much $$$ you're paying. Link is down below. Press it, Download it, hear it! Simple as that.

"Long Road" Free Download   

Cover of "Long Road"

If you fall in love with them, you can thank me or better tweet or email them! I'm sure they will be freaking damn happy to get fan mail!

Also, Louder Than Love is nominated for an Urban Culture Conference Award! Under Music and Rock band. Please Vote for them, its super easy! Vote for Louder Than Love here 

Follow them on twitter @LTLband
Visit Their Page Here
"Like" their FB Page here 
Get Their CD's here! 

PS. Did I mention Lead Singer/Song writer Paul Lambert is a Canucks Fan! WIN

Go Canucks Go! 

PPS. Hey Paul, if you are reading this.. where's my canucks/sun song? :) 

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