Saturday, 8 October 2011


I was lucky enough to go to the Whitecaps game on October 2, because I won tickets from bell! Thanks bell!This was my first time going in BC Place, I was so excited!!!
Its so Gorgeous! But the food menu is ridiculously expensive. Over $5 for fries and $4.50 for a pepsi!!!

Here are some pics of BC PLACE/Whitecaps Game, enjoy!
Kevin Showing off his flags and other free things he got.

Our View

I wanted to be the Whitecaps player but little brother didn't let :(

The Roof
Random Shots

Tickets to the game! We got last row, but it was still an amazing view
My little brother with cardboard cut outs of Alain Rochat, Jay Demerit, and Omar Salgado!
Even though we lost to Portland Timbres, It was a great experience and I definitely need to go back before the seasons ends!

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